Razer Lancehead – A great wireless mouse

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Razer Lancehead – A great wireless mouse

Razer used to make gaming mouse before selling laptops. Then, the market got more competitors and Razer gave their full attention to gaming laptops.

Now, they are trying to get back in the zone. Recently, they launched their new mouse naming it as ‘Razer Lancehead’. It has two versions. The first one is the standard Lancehead which will cost you $140. You can use it wireless or wired. It’s up to you. The second one is the Lancehead Tournament Edition will cost you $80. It is also wireless but you can’t use it wired if you want. Standard Lancehead has laser sensor while Tournament edition uses an optical sensor.

Wireless gaming was not that much preferable to gamers as they couldn’t play that well in high-level gameplay. Then Logitech came with G900 which gave gamers a good experience to go wireless and they performed well too. Now, it’s a thing to see if Lancehead will be able to stand on gamer’s expectation.

Lancehead is designed in such a way that both left-handed and right-handed people will be able to use it with ease. It is a good thing for all. You can access the buttons with complete ease. Though the side buttons are smaller it is easily accessible.

Razer’s Synapse will allow you to customize a huge amount of it. Moreover, it will save all the configuration that you just set in the cloud. That means you don’t have to configure your Lancehead every time you plugged it to a new device. You can also choose your preferred color for lighting.

Here comes the most important part which is gaming. The good thing is Standard Lancehead can perform well both with wire and wireless. You can’t easily detect any significant difference. The catch is they use a laser sensor on the wireless version. The gamers know that laser sensors are inferior to optical. But, there maybe a reason behind this. Maybe, Razer thought gamers don’t usually like to play wireless. So they put the optical one on the wired version. For everyone else, they can merely tell any difference.

Razor Lancehead Standard Edition works really well if you are not into high-level gaming. But, buying Lancehead for $140 and compromising this is going to be hard for all.

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