Razer on Course for Smart Phone

7 months ago in Mobile
Razer on Course for Smart Phone

Razer might be planning to build a gaming smart phone.

Razer bought Nextbit, a small company that had entered the market with a cloud oriented phone. Which can only mean one thing It intends to make a smartphone.

According to “people familiar with the matter”, the company is shooting for a $ 3-5 billion on a Hong Kong IPO to fund the smart phone. This device will aim at hardcore gaming audience.


Moreover, it would be intriguing to see a Razer phone. The company has been in the upper echelon in gaming laptop market. Arguably making the only devices of its class to work exceedingly in the environment of office and school as well as gaming.

It is still unclear what the phone would look like or what specs would it harbor? it could have strong VR capabilities like the Oculus. but who knows only the time can tell.


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