Samsung S8’s Iris Scanner Hacked; with a Samsung Laser Printer

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Samsung S8’s Iris Scanner Hacked; with a Samsung Laser Printer

Last month Samsung announced their new flagship Galaxy S8. It had an iris scanner to add to its security. But it took the same amount of time for some German hackers to bypass this security system.

A European hacker group called ‘The Chaos Computer Club’ did this with a few simple tools like a camera and a contact lens. Yes, they made it sound that easy! The also posted video footage of how they did it.

Let us help you to the task, if you ever want to do so. You’re gonna need:

  • A camera. A simple point and shoot will do the job
  • A laser printer, you can use a Samsung printer just for an added spice of irony
  • One contact lens
  • A helpless ‘Test subject’ with a Samsung Galaxy S8

All you need to do is, take a head on infrared photo of ‘subject’s’ face from a medium distance. Then place contact lens on the picture of Subject’s eyeball. Point picture at Galaxy S8 and hold for 10-15 seconds and Voila, you have done it.

It’s that easy to bypass the security of your smartphone. So, be careful with your personal infos on you smartphones.
Before lashing out at the hackers (see what we did there?), let’s take it as a warning for Samsung and other phone companies. They should put more efforts into making it more reliable on their future phones.


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