Samsung 32:9 Gaming Monitor

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Samsung 32:9 Gaming Monitor

Samsung released a new massive 32:9 gaming monitor.

There are many gamers that use multi-monitor setup for a more immersive gaming experience. But why spend for a second or third monitor when you can get a massively wide monitor instead?

That’s the approach Samsung took when releasing its newest gaming monitor, the 49- inch, 32:9 CHG90. It is basically stacking two monitors side by side without any bezel in between. The specs for the display were leaked a few months back but it’s finally in action now.



There’s more to it than the wild form-factor though. It uses a Quantum Dot LCD panel, like last year’s excellent CFG70, but this time cranks things up with HDR support, AMD FreeSync 2, and USB hub functionality.  A quick rundown of the important specs:


1. 49-inch diagonal

2.3840 x 1080 resolution


4.1-millisecond response rate

5.144 Hz refresh rate

6.07 billion colors

7.HDR Support

8.125% sRB, 95% DCI-P3 coverage

9.600 nits brightness

10.1800R curvature

11.2 USB ports

12.AMD FreeSync 2


HDR support means the monitor gets incredibly bright while maintaining an impressive contrast ratio, but it also bodes well for people who care about color accuracy. One of the things I liked about the CFG70 was that it was also a solid choice for editing photos too, so long as you didn’t mind the resolution. The CHG90 looks to continue that pedigree.

Moreover, Samsung says its custom software lets you treat your display as dual monitor setup if you prefer.



Granted, I feel like if you’re going to buy a monitor this big and expensive just for productivity, you may as well spend your money on a big 4K TV and hook your computer up instead. But the true allure is that huge display and the 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. There’s nothing else quite like it on the market.

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