Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Is Rumored to Feature a Dual Lens Camera

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Is Rumored to Feature a Dual Lens Camera

Samsung is introducing dual lens camera in its Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung dominated the first half of 2017 with its Galaxy S8. Now they’re getting ready with their Galaxy Note 8 for the second half of the year. And we have some rumors about the phone already and they are promising.

A couple of recent reports said the handset will have a dual lens camera on the back. A recent post from a Chinese Weibo user seems to reinforce that idea. This user is known for his reliable phone leaks in the past. According to him, the phone is going to feature a dual lens back camera with a 6.3 inch screen. Previous reports also indicated that the device will have a 6.4 inch ‘Infinity Display’.


Galaxy Note 8


The dial lens camera will be the highlight of the device surely. Galaxy S8 was also supposed to feature a dual lens camera. But that idea was scrapped in favor of a back mounted finger print sensor near the camera. Apparently, Samsung wanted to place the sensor under the Galaxy S8 screen. But the technology was not ready for mass production. But as it seems, now they are ready for it. So, they are moving the fingerprint sensor to the front; which leaves space for that dual lens camera we’ve asking for.

This means good news for Apple too’ since they are also rumored to add a fingerprint sensor on their home screen in their new product.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is expected to come out later this year during the fall season.

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