Samsung launches a new communication tool: Wemogee

9 months ago in Apps
Samsung launches a new communication tool: Wemogee

Earlier this month Samsung Electronics Italia launched a new app named Wemogee. This app is made for people who are suffering from language disorders like aphasia so that they can efficiently express their emotions with the people they love. Aphasia is a disorder caused by brain damage and because of the damage people who suffer from it lose the ability to understand or express speech. Though the patients have difficulty to express or understand speech, they can analyze visual symbols and facial expression effectively.


Currently there are more than 3 million people suffering from language disorders. Recent study shows that visual signs and symbols is a great method for patients of language disorders to express their desires. So to help them Samsung teamed up with speech therapists and developed Wemogee which will work as a translator between text and visual symbols(emoji). People can select the pre-defined text and this app will translate that into emoji that Aphasia patients can understand.



Francesca Polini who is a speech therapist and also working in the production of the language Said,

“Aphasic patients understand emoji because they depict all aspects of emotions. The use of gestures, images and facial expressions is a function perfectly preserved in understanding and often also in the production of language, a pre-set list of well-defined phrases that refer to the most immediate needs of the individual is essential.”

You can get the app on your android device from Google Play Store which is available in English and Italian. Wemogee for iOS is coming soon.


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