Samsung Pay to work on other phones

5 months ago in Samsung
Samsung Pay to work on other phones

Samsung is taking steps and talking with hardware makers to extend their mobile payment service so that the other brand users can get the feature of Samsung Pay.

This could work in the given way below. Samsung has to convince companies to install a MST(Magnetic Secure Transmission) chip in future phone developments. It will make other brands interpreting a card swipe. Samsung can also follow another way. They can bring this chip as an accessory & sell them in the market.

Moreover, it is hard for the hardware companies to build its own payment system. So pairing up with Samsung Pay will let them have a payment system. It will both help the hardware companies and Samsung to grow.

Launched in 2015, Samsung Pay gathered up more than 34 million users. Low budget phones without the chip can use Pay Mini which is a limited version of Samsung Pay.

Samsung is clearly growing their users up for their payment service. It is trying to catch the global market. Hence, they launched the service in India. Samsung is also providing some budget phones with Pay Mini in the country.

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