Samsung’s Self-Driving Cars on Public Roads NOW!

8 months ago in Samsung
Samsung’s Self-Driving Cars on Public Roads NOW!

Samsung through the past couple of years is taking interest in their headway concerning the self-driving car industry.The company in engaged with constant efforts in this regard, and the efforts get intensified with their modification of a distinct race track.

This race track is privately owned by Samsung, located in South Korea. In utilitarian terms, used for testing their autonomous cars. Fortunately, their effort for advancement have finally paid off.

They can now conduct their testing activities on public roads. The South Korea’s Land Ministry has given the permission to test out these self-driving cars on public roads. This is a very productive advancement in relation to the customization of such a such a system which would even adapt to the critical and challenging conditions of driving aided by  high-tech sensors ,computer modules and artificial intelligence.

Unfortunately, for potent consumers it certainly is not a scope for some exciting purchase as Samsung in not going to launch this car for commercial dealings. Young Sohn, the president and chief strategy officer at Samsung, has given further confirmation in this regard that the company is not interested in building cars itself.

Its sole and focused concern is developing an archetype, being a component and solution provider for other car companies. Evidences for this concentrated effort of assistance can be marked down by dissecting the fact that the cat it is using for testing out its self driving technology is a retrofitted Hyundai.


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