Self-driving Sushi (not literally)

7 months ago in AI Science Tech
Self-driving Sushi (not literally)

Japan keeps making interesting technology that no other country thought of. The new addition to this list is the self-driving sushi delivery car.

The ever-growing demand for home delivery has left many companies with a problem. They don’t have enough drivers to transport the goods. Hence, two Japanese firms have created a self-driving car that can deliver sushi to a hungry customer’s doorstep.

The car is the brainchild of the start-up firm ZMP and the meal delivery business RIDE ON EXPRESS. It is 1.3 meters in length and 1 meter in height. Moreover, It can carry 60 servings of sushi, and it moves at a speed that is equivalent to a walking pace, which is about 6 kilometers per hour.



The customers place their sushi orders via an application on their smartphone and the self-driving car will deliver the sushi in front of the customer’s doorsteps. However the customers simply just have to scan their phones to unlock the cars and gain access to their meals.

The companies say, for the sake of safety, the vehicles will travel on sidewalks. They’re calling on the government to introduce laws to make this possible.

Hisashi Taniguchi, President, and CEO of ZMP, said that he hopes companies will be able to use the new technology to deliver a whole range of goods.

Taxi and bus companies also hope to get around the labor shortage by employing self-driving vehicles.

The carrier delivery will travel on sidewalks of Tokyo with trials starting this August.


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