Slack Improves Its Search Feature Using AI

8 months ago in Apps
Slack Improves Its Search Feature Using AI

Slack announced that it has improved the existing search feature which is now powered by artificial intelligence & machine learning. The search learning and intelligence group of Slack built it so that the users can find relevant channels and defined topic expert quickly than the previous search. This move of Slack can be interpreted as a one step ahead move than its competitors like Facebook, Google and Microsoft as they are too trying to get in the collaboration scene.


There is a limitation of this feature. For now, it can only be used on a paid account. When you search a definite term it will look up who uses that terms more than anyone and in what channel. For example, search for “hiring process” will give you this.


Noah Weiss working in the search scene said, “It’s really about tapping into that collective knowledge from your company”. The ‘S’ in ‘Slack’ stands for search and as Slack said earlier that it wants all the users to find out information about their group/company without any hassle. Noah Weiss also shed some light into how it is going to work. If a person frequently answers to a chat/thread including a specific term, that means the person is an expert on that topic. Also if a person creates a thread and it gets many reactions and replies that can be relevant data and will have more probability to get in the top search position. The speed of a person replying or reacting to a certain topic can also be noted to determine the experience of that person. Slack is thinking in this way they have a good chance to bring you relevant search results and point you to the right direction.

via TheVerge


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