This Smart Pillow Does a Lot More than You Can Think!

9 months ago in Tech
This Smart Pillow Does a Lot More than You Can Think!

Everyone desires to get an adequate amount of pleasant sleep. Unfortunately, we don’t so our morning doesn’t feel refreshed always. LA-based design studio Mode M created Sunrise Pillow. This is a smart pillow. It uses an understanding of how our bodies work during sleep. It applies some interesting technology to cut our sleep cycles. The smart pillow can make our sleep pleasant at any hour.


According to sleep biology, Sunrise Pillow ensures a pleasant comeback to consciousness. Seemingly, our the body responses to the slow movement of light intensity in the early morning. This happens to stop producing Melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that promotes sleep. The pillow recreates this effect using rays of LED lights. The effect are activated when it’s time to wake up. From now on you can wake up before the sun by sleeping in Sunrise Pillow. At the same time you can get the luminous force to get out of bed.



There are other interesting ways by which Sunrise Pillow secures our wakefulness steady. A supporting mobile app offers six different ways to do that. You can make it play binaural beats. In accordance with science  binaural beats works to decelerate bran rate and  encourage sleep.You can also go through a guided meditation exercise. The app plays nature sounds, streams audiobooks to make you fall into light sleep.



When it’s time to wake up, the strips of LED lights start working to ease you into wakefulness. You could also use the app’s smart alarm. It helps to track your sleep cycles. You can set a particular wake-up time in the alarm . The alarm pays attention to your circadian rhythm to ensure that you wake up feeling fully rested and energized.



Snap Munk says, “Over 2,000 backers have combined forces to help Sunrise Pillow smash its $50,000 goal on Kickstarter. The campaign comes to a close on May 19, so it has about two weeks to add to the $294,000 it has in the kitty right now. Units of the pillow are available via Kickstarter starting at $99; the estimated retail price is $299. A few pledge tiers have already run out, so you might want to make haste if you are looking to back the product. Deliveries are expected to commence October 2017.”

Moreover, study shows that a good sleep is very important for our body to stay energized. According to experts, this pillow is very helpful to get us an unharmed sleep.

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