Snap Inc. is buying Zero Zero Robotics

7 months ago in AI Tech
Snap Inc. is buying Zero Zero Robotics

Snap Inc. is buying Zero Zero Robotics which is a Chinese drone manufacturer. That means, Snap will able to track you using the software from distance.

People buy the ‘Hover Camera Passport’ by Zero Zero robotics for $500. It is a small carbon fiber camera using facial recognition algorithms to track users. It makes sure that you stay in the shot while the drone takes photos or videos.

CEO of Zero Zero Robotics is denying about the acquisition by Snap. Moreover, this is not the first time Snap is rumored of buying drone companies. Earlier this year, they bought Ctrl Me Robotics which is also a company that fitted cameras to drones.

Though they are denying about the deal, hopefully they will use this technology by its potential(if they bought it).

via thenextweb

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