‘Swidget’ is A new promising smart outlet for your smart home

5 months ago in Startup Tech
‘Swidget’ is A new promising smart outlet for your smart home

With smart home setups, smart outlets are making its way into our houses. It’s a nice way to make our homes ‘smart’ without an excessive crowd. But they are usually tied up to only one product or function. So, if you want a different function or run a different device you have to replace it. And we know how frequent technologies changing and making us adapt to it. So, it’s a hassle to change it that often. That’s where ‘Swidget’ comes in.

What it does is rather simple. It’s made of two components; the outlet and the swappable inserts. There’s a lot like space for various different types of inserts with different types of functions. Bluetooth speakers, temperature/humidity monitor, power monitor, Wi-Fi, motion sensor, USB port- you name it; the possibilities are endless. You just take your choice of inserts and put them in the slot and ‘Voila’, that’s it.


In their words, “Think of the outlet as a smartphone and the inserts as apps”. You can control this inserts via the Swidget app. And the company also has plans to make it compatible with Google Home, Nest, IFTTT and Stringify.

But all of this can be possible if they get the funding they desire. Otherwise, you may be left with a swappable outlet which has nothing to swap with. Currently, only two inserts are scheduled to ship when orders are fulfilled. Each order will come with a Swidget outlet, a Wi-Fi insert, Z-Wave inserts, or both, allowing for wireless control and power consumption monitoring of an outlet. Other inserts will roll into production soon as benchmark funding goals are reached.

If Swidget can do everything the company promises, then this is one handy little gadget. At least we’re pretty hyped for this project.



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