Teenager Rejects $6 Million Dollars Offer!

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Teenager Rejects $6 Million Dollars Offer!

16 years old teenager rejects $6M for a website he made in his bedroom.

A British teenager, 16 years old made a money-saving website. After it was developed, it got the attention of American investors. The investors offered the boy $6 million dollars but the boy rejected the offer. 16 years old, Mohammed Ali, did this because he believed in his project and thinks that this website will be much more valuable in the future. The website is called weneed1. Mohammed Ali is not new in tech. Earlier he developed games and stock market apps earning over $40,000.


Mohammed Ali said, “We met the investors in London, they were a global data-driven company, and they didn’t realize I created all the technology involved. The main reason we rejected the offer was because, if the technology and concept is worth millions already, just think how much it will be worth once people use it, I understand this is a big risk for me but I want to create this as a household name, and at the same time make something for myself”.

Ali said weneed1 is using a special algorithm that he developed. This site will provide real-time feedback to the
users. Other sites offer pre-fixed quotes but weneed1  is not going to do that. Instead, they are going to provide real-time quotes run by the algorithm that Ali developed. Hopefully, they will not regret about the rejection and will make more than that.

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