Tesla Model 3 is Here and There Are Couple of Things You Need to Know

6 months ago in Tesla
Tesla Model 3 is Here and There Are Couple of Things You Need to Know

Until Tesla Model 3 hits the road we can not stop thinking about it for a moment, but Tesla actually did not give us the full specification on the Model 3, but there are several things we do know about the electric apple of Tesla’s eye. So we will try to cover a couple of things that will be interesting to you.


It is the cheapest car to date by Tesla

According to Mission Statement, it plans to make an expensive electric car to fund a cheaper electric car to fund an even cheaper etc. and the Model 3 appears to be the realization of that. The pre-order price of $35,000, it’s considerably cheaper than the Model S or Model X ($70,000 and $83,000). But keep in mind that depending on where you live, you might have an even better tax break.



Whenever you Supercharge it you will have to pay every time

Tesla’s announcement from last year was that every buyer who pre-ordered a Model 3 after January 1, 2017, would have to pay fees to Supercharge their car. And you would be granted a small stipend of free miles, and you should pay to use the Supercharger station network Tesla has so busily augmented recently.

Users will be able to charge it via the roof

Elon Musk confirmed on Twitter that a retractable hard top-like solar panel might be an option for the Model 3.

You Might be able to camp in it

Well, most people dream to camp inside a car and it will be a lot more fun if it is a Tesla. The Model 3 is rumored to have the same Camper Mode as the Model S: you’ll be able to put the back seats down, which turns your car into a five-and-a-half foot long bed.

It comes with a Ludicrous Mode

Previous models had this mode so of course, the new model should have this feature.

The first units will ship out this week

But we probably will not see one until next year

Model 3 with a $1,000 deposit have not had much news from the company since last year, according to Bloomberg some of them are not happy the waiting but are helpful that the company will reveal more at the launch event. The actual trouble is, even if Musk is on the money with regards to the manufacturing time, so they still have to make enough units to make 400,000 pre-order marks. So that means the earliest most existing pre-orders will be fulfilled is some time next year.


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