The Actual Colossal Solar System Is Represented in Nevada

8 months ago in Science
The Actual Colossal Solar System Is Represented in Nevada

Two friends Alex Gorosh and Wylie Overstreet decided to create the real model of our solar system just to make people perceive how tiny planet human beings are living in. A team of three genius people Kellen Gillispie, Shane Meyer and Shane Gillispie assisted in building the model. They head out to the Black Rock Desert in Nevada to create the real model of solar system. The mission of building the massive solar system in the dessert entailed them an area of 7 miles.

solar gif

Gorosh and Overstreet captured the Representation of the whole process.the young filmmakers created an emotionally beautiful short film from those videos. It turned out a mind-blowing and exceptional short film. National Geography editors selected the film to publish through their YouTube channel on Mar 2, 2017.

Images of planets in the solar system in our books and screens are not exactly how they look like. An authentic model of solar system would make the orbs look so microscopic in the images. The model of solar system shows the planets big and close enough the sun but in reality they are Far Far Away. Inaccurately measured scale of distances from orbits of planets, satellites and star is illustrated to make it uncomplicated for human mind to comprehend. With a view to accurately illustrate our place in the universe, the group of friends came up with the idea of building the first scale model of the solar system in seven miles of empty plain desert. The planets are represented by balls and light bulbs. The Earth was demonstrated by a tiny blue marble. To represent the sun a meter and half balloon like orb was brought in the center. They determined the scale size of each orbit and planet based on that half-an-inch orb of blue glass. The orbits were drawn by driving the cars according to the scale. At night, the model came to light.

Out of billions of inhabitants living on earth, only 24 have seen the actual marble like shape of it. First time an astronaut leaving the earth sighted it with slightly curved horizon. The far they went it looked small enough to hide easily behind a thump! The film shows some flashes from some past interviews of former astronauts including famous Michael Collins and Eugene Cernan describing the size of the earth they witnessed for the first time. Alex Gorosh expressed his feelings in the video saying, “That’s what I really wanted to try and capture, we are on a marble floating in the middle of nothing.” He found this “Staggering”.


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