This confirms 4k Apple Tv is About to Happen

5 months ago in Apple
This confirms 4k Apple Tv is About to Happen

iTunes oversight practically confirms 4K Apple TV

If you are feeling restless about the fact that Apple is making a 4k Apple Tv or not then you can rest now. MacRumors reported that iTunes is showing a certain kind of tags named as ‘4k’ & ‘HDR’.

Though users can download 720p and 1080p for now, it seems that they started preparing for their 4k roll out soon. Publicly showing their tags is probably a mistake.

Apple Tv

Earlier this year, Bloomberg reported that a new Apple TV named J105 would support high-quality 4k streaming with extra clarity.

There is no worry to handle that 4k work because Apple already has the technology to make it happen. Maybe, we will hear more about their 4k TV in the event of iPhone 8.

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