To Beat Chrome book, Microsoft brings Windows 10 Cloud!

9 months ago in Tech
To Beat Chrome book, Microsoft brings Windows 10 Cloud!

Microsoft is now focusing on education segment. The Redmond, Washington-based company is expected to launch a laptop to compete with Apple’s MacBook and Google’s Chromebook laptops. Windows 10 Cloud is rumored to be a modest version of Windows 10. They detailed something a little less ambitious laptop. Performance target for a potential  line of Windows laptops that would be built for the students  who can use it instead of Google Chromebooks. Like Chromebooks these new Windows cloud OS laptops would be running an operating system that uses web apps rather than using apps stored locally on the computer itself.  Now there might be instances where, there are documents and apps are stored locally for offline mode but the central idea here is the users would be basically doing all their computing through the browser in the Cloud. Microsoft is targeting about 10 hours of battery life, about 20 seconds to boot to Login screen and then moving from that login screen to the desktop in about another 15 seconds. Microsoft does have an event coming up next month and we might get some details there. These laptops would also run on Quad core processors and at least 4 gigabytes of RAM and they’ll have at least 32 GB or 64 GB of local storage that’ll be solid state storage and optional features like touch screens and stylized  iOS’s stylus ease pens.

Twitter user WalkingCat @h0x0d has leaked online the images, features, and specifications of the laptop to support Windows 10 Cloud OS. It says in the tweets that Microsoft’s Chromebook rival will have a 13.5-inch Pixel-sense display with 3.4 million pixels, but display resolution details are not there yet. It will have a keyboard covered with Alcantara. In case of connectivity, USB port, surface power connector, and mini display port are expected, but not USB Type-C port. The tweets say the Surface laptop will come in four colors. The colors are Platinum, Burgundy, Cobalt Blue, and Graphite Gold. It will weigh 2.76 pounds. It will be 14.47 mm thick at the back, and 9.9 mm thick in the front.

The market for this devices are students looking forward cheap laptops. Hardware Chromebook and Apple came up with is really expensive. Chromebooks are easy to administer in spite of having some privacy. No mention of price yet. Microsoft might just have to subsidize the product for students for educational purpose. Chromebook hardware are slightly expensive, so bringing cheaper laptops in market would be a competitive advantage for Microsoft. Latest information says on the number of Windows web apps store is now 669,000. Everyone expects Microsoft to upgrade the apps considering the importance of education network.


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