3d Holograms Can Be Touched and You Can Also Feel It, Wow!

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3d Holograms Can Be Touched and You Can Also Feel It, Wow!

The 3D Holograms: Yeah! You can Touch and Feel It!!

At the University of Bristol, a team of researchers came up with the idea as well as the implementation of the concept 3D holograms.  Now the issue to consider here is what really is a 3D hologram.

3D holograms are three-dimensional holograms which the users can touch and feel through the thin layers of air. As per the stated opinion of  Dr. Ben Long, the first author of the paper published in the journal ACM Transactions on Graphics, “Touchable holograms, immersive virtual reality that you can feel and complex touchable controls in free space, are all possible ways of using this system,”

They make use of the ultrasound property. Moreover, that vibe centers around the user’s hand onto the device and omit ultrasound vibes. As a result, that comes to be felt like an object structure within the air and with air.

Now the concern comes to the point to illustrate how this ultrasound property is manipulated in this regard.

Firstly, this ultrasound has complex patterns. These complex patterns create disturbance in the air properties. Eventually, those disturbances take the shapes of floating three-dimensional embodiments.


3D holograms


The Ultrasound pattern is directed in this layer of air. At the same time, the device is directed towards a thin layer of oil. So, what is the function of this thin layer of oil?

When the hologram is lit by a lamp, it will show up the points of depression on the surface as real spots rather than a mere figure projected through the air.

Moreover, another piece of a statement by Dr. Long and his colleagues suggests,“The system generates an invisible 3D shape that can be added to 3D displays to create something that can be seen and felt,”.

Utilization in the Medical Field

According to scientists, this new method would contribute to a large extent in the medical field. Consequently, there are possibilities that it will enable the surgeons to get access to the diseases in a better way. This would be possible by feeling the 3D CT scans.

Regarding this particular field of concern, Dr. Long’s view gets the wordings as, “In the future, people could feel holograms of objects that would not otherwise be touchable, such as feeling the differences between materials in a CT scan or understanding the shapes of artifacts in a museum,”.


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