UberEats Is Now Available In India’s Hyped Food Delivery Market!

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UberEats Is Now Available In India’s Hyped Food Delivery Market!

Good News for India’s food lovers! Mumbai city people will now enjoy the service from UberEATS.  No doubt the standalone app service is one of the fastest online food order and delivery program. At this point, it is popular worldwide. Surely customers can use it both websites and smartphone apps. Recently UberEats has launched in Mumbai city in India. On May 2nd, they officially opened their service. Altogether they are now available in about 80 cities around the world.

Origin of UberEats

Travis Kalanick founded the service in 2014. The cab aggregator originated in San Francisco. Uber introduced UberEats in 2014. Before introducing they tested the service in Los Angeles back in 2014. After that, it launched an independent App in Toronto in December 2015. This year, 2017 they started their journey in India. In Mumbai, they started their journey with 200 different restaurants. According to the Economic Times, UberEats selected the restaurants based on the locations and delivery time. Customers staying in the city can go ahead downloading the Android or iOS app on their smartphone.

Further Plans

UberEats plans to add five more cities in India by the end of this year. More likely the five big cities are Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai and Gurugram. Based on Uber’s recent job postings, UberEats will serve these cities next. The management team of UberEATS will be quite different from the ridesharing app at national and city levels. UberEATS hired city general managers. They hired city-level restaurant operation. They have also hired a branding and sales heads across six cities. In Mumbai, it’s going to be headed by Manan Javeri. The former Mckinsey executive joined Uber in 2015. He will report directly to Uber’s Asia Pacific head Allen Penn. This is the best way to adapt to the culture. Who would know customer interests than the local managers?

Hyper Market Competition

UberEats has geared up to compete players like Swiggy, Zomato, and Google’s New Areo Service. At present, they need to win the heart of both restaurant partners and consumers. According to The Economic Times, Uber plans to charge the restaurants commissions of between 25 and 30 percent on each order. On the other hand, Swiggy takes a 15-20 percent cut. Possibly they want to draw the attention of customers in smaller cities. UberEats is bringing some of the best talents in the restaurant industry. They are working with successful entrepreneurs. People with advanced logistics management experiences joined them. UberEats prepares to reach the pinnacle in food ordering service in India.

via Economic Times


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