VR Technology Lets Designers Work Together in Real Time

8 months ago in Tech
VR Technology Lets Designers Work Together in Real Time

VR Technology lets Designer work together in real time and 3D space!

VR or ‘Virtual Reality’ was a huge step forwards for our technology. Now Seymourpowell has taken it a new level. The London based company has revealed a new VR technology that allows designers working remotely in different locations to create cars “as if in the same room”. The software enables teams working in different parts of a building or even different countries to “dial in” and take part in the design process in real-time using a tablet or VR headset. Just like a regular conference call.



Lead automotive designer at Seymourpowell, Richard Seale, says:

“Our new approach to designing in VR radically streamlines the design process, allowing designers, engineers, and marketing teams to collaborate on the design process in exciting new ways. It lets designers create three-dimensional designs at any scale from the very start of the design process.”

It allows designers to see how a car will look and function much earlier than when using traditional design programs, and enables them to duplicate designs more easily. All individual parties will be able to see and work from the same data from the shared VR tool. They won’t need to convert sketches into different formats during the development stage. This will shorten the time taken to bring a new car to the market.

This will let the consumers to have more customized cars and they will be able to see how the finished product might look before it even begins. The flexibility of car designs to suit customers need will increase significantly.

Seymourpowell is debuting the VR software at the London Motor Show, which runs until 7 May.


via – DesignWeek

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