When Will Apple’s Self Driving Cars Hit The Road? Testing Cars Like Video Games!

9 months ago in Tech
When Will Apple’s Self Driving Cars Hit The Road? Testing Cars Like Video Games!

Apple wins the permission to test self-driven cars earlier this month in California roads. Now we actually got some details in the documents published through Tech Insider. Apple might be up to things that public records request  filed by Business Insider. Apple roughed out an outline of detailed information on self driving car systems. Apple will hold a training program is made up of seven tests. Company is putting its test drivers through on a private auto course like video games.

The report also offered details on what’s called the Apple automated system. It’s being called by the name as per as the information. According to Business Insider Apple is using  steering wheels and pedals made by Logitech that tap into electronic steering systems on existing cars. Apple system can send control to the self driving cars. It can control two steering wheels accelerating, decelerating, can handle sudden direction changes in lanes and even U-turns.  Apple is so far testing out a system with six drivers  on three Lexus  SUVs. Test  drivers can use the gas pedal to speed up without over-writing Apple system but breaking will pause the system and allow the testers to take over which is definitely good in case of emergency.


via – USA Today

Like Google, Uber and other self-driving companies,  Apple  has started their journey in self-driven automobile system. Their testing will take place just like video games! In the revealed documents of Tech Insider, Apple is planning to select their own expert employees through training  to operate the  vehicles ahead of testing on California roads. Lack of detailed information was provided regarding the communication with other cars in the road, recognizing obstacles and all that

Apple is investing deliberately in the study of machine learning and automation, and is excited about the possibilities of automated systems. The endeavor taken by Apple have excited some observers. They believe Apple needs to add another extravagant big-ticket item to continue the grow of its company just like its iPhone sales. It is an righteous decision taken by Apple since soon there is a chance iPhone sale can level out due to the hyper competition in smart phone industry. Not everyone believes the company can succeed in the field, however best of luck to Apple with their startup journey in autonomous car industry.


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