Windows 10 Pro Will Get Free Upgrade to Windows 10 S

9 months ago in Tech
Windows 10 Pro Will Get Free Upgrade to Windows 10 S

Microsoft will provide Windows 10 Pro users a free upgrade to new Windows 10 S

Windows 10 S is a bit simplified version of windows 10. Microsoft took out some bloatware and unnecessary features and put together in Windows 10 S. It restricts you to apps only from windows store. It could make it more secure and prevent piracy.

However using windows 10 S means you would have to give up the ability to use apps that are outside of windows store. This also includes Google Chrome the most used web browser with over 50% of the people using it globally.

Now the question comes “is this really an upgrade?” Is there an upside to using this new OS? That is up for debate.

windows 10

But there is a positive aspect If you want to buy a new laptop. While Microsoft’s new flagship laptop the new Surface Laptop is meant to showcase this new OS for $1000. But there are far better and cheaper options in the market. Laptop companies like Asus, Dell, and Samsung will launch a slew of Windows 10 S laptops that will start at just $189.

Those are not bad deals. If someone is looking to get into using a laptop with windows for cheaper rate now it’s the time to get one.

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