Workhorse Group Will Make Attractive Electric Trucks!

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Workhorse Group Will Make Attractive Electric Trucks!

Pickup trucks are tremendously popular in America. This is the reason Ford-150 has been extravagantly the best selling for about long 35 years. Following the footstep, an Indiana-based manufacturing company Workhorse Group has found an innovative way to bring their pickup trucks in the market. Yes, they are making it electric! They are presenting the car lovers with the W-15 Electric Pickup Trucks. It is an attractive and unbelievably fast truck. They are planning to start selling the electric trucks to fleet operators in the following year, 2018.


workhorse electric car model


Workhorse will not manufacture the electric cars like Tesla’s Model S. Chevrolet Volt is more likely to be found in the function of these electric cars.
Company CEO Steve Burns explains, “When the big battery—60-kilowatt hours—under the floor goes flat after 80 miles or so, a three-cylinder BMW engine under the hood kicks in to generate the electricity.” This is how the electric trucks are going to work. Burns says, “A zero to 60 time of 5.5 seconds should be attainable, easily eclipsing the 6.1 of an F150 with a twin-turbocharged V6.”

The truck runs quietly and smoothly. As per as a rider, the acceleration is thrilling. Workhorse covered all the hardware in carbon fiber. This helps to keep the weight same as a regular pickup. Imported materials are not at all cost-effective for mass-production, but it will work out OK in limited production.

Workhorse applied a series of hybrid tech very cleverly to the trucks. A pickup provides plenty of space to store the extra kit. So the added weight is not a burden. The battery and range extender can provide electricity for power tools and run lights.

Not to mention, an electric pickup truck isn’t cheap. It will cost $52,500 before any incentives or tax credits. You have to add 20 grand more with model Ford F-150 to match electric pickups. The higher advanced cost of an electric vehicle is offset by a lower operating cost.

Burns says, “For the first time in 108 years, someone has invented a truck that’s cheaper than a gasoline truck over its life”. As a consequence, Duke Energy, Portland General Electric, Southern California Power Authority, Clean Fuels Ohio, and the city of Orlando, Florida have expressed interest in his truck.

A clean, green truck is a good initiative for Public Relation. The World needs a more green tech. Workhorse can make some cool pickups like Tesla Motors. In order to make trendy customers delighted, Workhorse can come up with new ideas for electric cars. What makes electric motors work so well in a car works wonderfully in a pickup.

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