Xbox Scorpio Will Have a Front Panel Showing Frame Rates

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Xbox Scorpio Will Have a Front Panel Showing Frame Rates

Microsoft’s next ‘Xbox Scorpio’ will feature a front panel screen showing its frame rate; Now you can show off your ‘Power’ to your friends

If you are a console gamer then you surely know about Microsoft’s upcoming gaming console, codenamed ‘Xbox Scorpio’. If you don’t then let us catch you up to speed. It’s an upgraded version of Microsoft’s current Xbox One S.

It will feature a custom-built eight core CPU, 12GB of GDDR5 RAM with a default 1 TB hard drive. The most significant improvement comes from its GPU; a custom AMD chip that boasts 40 compute units each running at 1172MHz.




With all this hardware, Microsoft got real confident on this new product. IGN got a glimpse of the dev kit last month. According to them, Microsoft has added a front panel screen that shows frame rate along with the device’s current read and writes speed. Windows Central’s Jez Corden also revealed in a video on Twitter, that the front-facing panel was a screen of some kind.



Though it’s debatable whether Microsoft would include the screen on their final products. ‘Cause then there would be a chance of complaints if the frame rate drops below 60. That’s a huge risk to take even for a console beast like this one, considering it’s going to compete with Sony’s powerful PS4 Pro.

No release date or price details haven’t been announced yet for the console. But we can hope to learn more about the console along with some new games to run on this at E3 next month.


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