Xbox Head Wants Good Game Regardless of Platform

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Xbox Head Wants Good Game Regardless of Platform



Discussion about which console is best is unproductive says, Phil Spencer, head of Xbox

Since the beginning of gaming console, there have been console wars. A war between the fans over which console is superior be it Xbox or Playstation or Nintendo. Whether these debates have any value is a different question.
Head of Xbox Phil Spencer recently expressed his view on console wars. Which he deemed it foolish and unproductive. Spencer stated in twitter “When specific game discussions turn from playing great games to which piece of plastic I own I feel like we’ve lost the plot a bit.”

This post was a response to a conversation. Which sparked by one his followers marking that Spencer had been tweeting a lot about Little Nightmares a game recently released for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Spencer also responded “I’ll never feel strange promoting great games. You should play it on the platform you own.”

Moreover, President of Sony’s worldwide studio, Shuei Yoshida is known for positive remarks about games even on platforms outside the PlayStations. Also, fans criticized him for one of his positive tweets about other consoles.

To that, his response to that was “Be cool. Be you.”

Little nightmare came out on April 27 with positive reviews. it achieved an 8/10 in GameSpot review A GameSpot critic named Matt Espinelli said

“The journey to reach its provocative conclusion is filled with unnerving questions and imagery that take hold of your morbid curiosities and pull you deep into introspection. While its puzzles are at times too straightforward, Little Nightmares is a chilling odyssey well worth taking.”

-via GameSpot


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