Xiaomi Trying to Enter USA in 2 Years

7 months ago in Mobile
Xiaomi Trying to Enter USA in 2 Years

Xiaomi has gained so popularity throughout the world but they are not still available in the USA, but this situation may not hold forever.

Everyone knows Xiaomi for its affordability and beautiful design. But the company hasn’t gained much popularity in the west. So to make that happen Xiaomi is taking initiatives. Wang Xiang, senior vice president of Xiaomi is looking for ways to enter the US market and he thinks they will be able to do it within the next 2 years. He is not sure about the time frame but thinks that within two years they can make a presence in US market and he is making sure to get things done in right ways to ensure that.




He said, “We don’t have a fixed timeline, but probably two years, if not sooner. It’s ambitious but we want to get into
these markets as soon as possible.We don’t want to make a random decision. Oh say, here’s the Mi 6, let’s try the US
market if it doesn’t work let’s just leave. No, we want to be well-prepared and make a boom in those markets.”

via UberGizmo


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